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Also called:

Inca Orchid Moonflower dog, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Chien nu du Pérou, Peruvian hairless dog.

Conform the FCI the breed in the Netherlands is called: Peruaanse naakthond.



This natural breed has a centuries old background in Peru and it was already to be seen at the illustrations before the Inca culture (300 B.C - 1400 A.D.) Where the breed originality comes from, one doesn’t know. The biggest population developed in the Peruvian coastal areas.

In excavations of the Chimu en Moche culture there have been found remains of these dogs, who go down to the second century B.C.

The pottery of several Peruvian cultures, on which one can see illustrations of the hairless dogs, are very famous.

The fact that the dogs are nude is coming from an natural mutation in genes. This mutation appeared to be successful. Parasites and other vermin don’t get a chance so the hairless dogs survive more easy and through that they can frequently pass their genes. The breed has been achieved by natural selection.


In the last 10 years there has been developed an official breed standard in Peru. The Perro sin Pelo del Perú has been proclaimed the national dog of Peru and because of that the dog got himself a protected status as national inheritance.


General appearance

An elegant, slender, noble dog with as most distinguishing marks, the missing of hair and frequently a part of the molars and teeth.


Proportion of the body

The relation between length and height has to be 1:1. The body of the female dog is to be allowed a fraction longer than the male dog.










Height at the withers


25-40 cm

41-50 cm

51-65 cm



4-8 kg

8-12 kg

12-25 kg

Character of the Peruvian dog

The Peruvian dog is smart, gentle, persistent, alert and independent. They are in a certain way watchfully and have a relatively developed instinct for hunting.

The dog has some reserves to strangers. A healthy dose of distrust has been built up during the long period they lived in the streets of Peru. Otherwise curiosity will always win from the reserves, specially when the dog is given some sweets...


Hyper allergen

The lack of hair makes the nude dog pre-eminently suitable for asthmatic people or for them who are allergic to dog’s hair.


Dogs nudity

The lack of hair doesn’t mean that general care is not necessary. You have to scrub the dog regular and also grease and control on pimples is a necessity. Besides the dog has to be dressed in wintertime when he gives signals of having cold.



Natural, raw food of good quality helps to keep the skin beautiful and soft from the inside. Besides of that there are much more arguments to give the dog natural (raw) food.  


Here are a couple of related pages with information about feeding raw.


The dogs will like you for it!



The Peruvian hairless dog has a dominant gene for nudity. Homozygote nude (NN) is lethal. Puppies with this factor will be resorbed in the womb. Nn = nude and nn = fully coated. A litter exists normally of 33% coated pups and 66% hairless ones.


The name of the coated Peruvian dog is Perro Peruano Peludo.

This dogs are completely hairy, have a complete set of teeth, are charming and noble and share the fantastic character of the Peruvian dog.

Peruvian hairless dog

FCI group 5: Spitzen en Primitives

Standard  FCI number 310
Publicatiedatum originele standaard: 12 juni 1985
New standaard August 2013

Section 6, type primitive

Country of origin: PERU